Friday, November 26, 2010

Montecristo Momento 2000 Limited Edition

Last two from my humidor....only waited 11 years to smoke 'em.  Off to a solid start @ Cigars & More in Libertyville.

The very ellusive Graycliff Profesionale PG Robusto (aka Blue Label)

Not the 1666 either...
This one started out with a really bizarre taste, but after the first 3/4" or so, it really evolved into a pleasant, enjoyable smoke.  These are quite rare, and typically very expensive.  As many people may not be "in the know" about this brand, I'll post their "about us" section from the website below.

The Graycliff Cigar Company was founded by the Garzaroli Family when Enrico Garzaroli fell in love with cigars but was unable to find that “perfect” cigar to complement what Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant has always been known for: excellent cuisine, fine wines and luxurious accommodations.

The Company began production in January 1997 in Nassau, The Bahamas. What then began as a single roller in the restaurant entrance way has now expanded to an award winning boutique Cigar Company with 16 master rollers, each an expert in their various format.

Graycliff Cigar Company’s original blend – The Graycliff – was blended by Master Torcedore Avelino Lara. Once Fidel Castro’s personal roller, Lara is famous for his creations at the El Laguito Factory outside of Havana, where he created blends for Cohiba, Davidoff and among others. Since his retirement in 2000, Enrico Garzaroli and Paolo Garzaroli have collaborated on creating all of the new blends manufactured at the award-winning Graycliff Cigar Company from the Graycliff Professionale to the more affordable lines: G2 (available worldwide) and Bahiba (available only in The Bahamas). Each blend is created to please the palate of different cigar smokers – from the buttery Emerald to the smooth and silky Chateau Grand Cru and powerful Espresso.

Graycliff Cigars’ numerous awards include: France’s Club Cigare’s 2001 Cigar of the Year Award; The Robb Report’s Best of the Best in 2003 for the Crystal, the Espresso in 2004 and Chateau Grand Cru in 2006; and many accolades from including Best Boutique Cigar Company.

Visitors to The Graycliff Cigar Company in Nassau, Bahamas, in addition to witnessing firsthand the torcedores at work, may also take a Cigar Rolling Lesson with our expert craftsmen.

Graycliff Cigars are available in seven award winning blends: Original, Professionale, Crystal, Emerald, Chateau Grand Cru, Heritage Royale and Espresso; as well as the G2 line. They can be purchased worldwide from fine tobacconists. Graycliff Cigars come in two choices of packaging the Humidor-box of 24 and select blends come in smaller gift packs; G2 come only in boxes of 25.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Smoking choices!

Current Top Smokes (in my book):

Tier 1:
  • Oliva Master Blends 3
  • Oliva Serie V
  • Rocky Patel Edge Lite
Tier 2:
  • Cain Habano Nub
  • Illusione 88
  • HC Habano (by Xicar)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oliva Serie V 54x5

Chillin' at Churchill's n Down for the Oliva event.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nub Connecticut 358

Mike's RP Edge Lite took him awhile longer than my Brickhouse robusto...  Nub will work to "kill some time."

Brickhouse 54x5 (Nicaraguan puro)

Muy bien!  Great smoke, sweet price.  Straight cut caused part of shoulder to unravel.  Probably shouldn't have.  Big vein preventing me from smoking it with the label right-side up.  Otherwise, excellent draw and taste.

Rocky Patel Edge

Strong stick!  Quality construction and well blended flavors are what it is in common with the Edge Lite, but that's where the similarities end.  Not for the weak!
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