Monday, June 27, 2011

Cain F 550 Habano (5 3/4 x 50)

Ahh, the reasons why and why not to make sure you grab the right stick when you reach in.  Thought I was buying the newer Daytona, and at the clip realized I had the F ("F" for Fuerte).  Good thing I ate first!
Great taste so far, and the construction and feel are exactly what I've come to expect from Cain (and the Oliva family).  Beautiful oily wrapper.

Predominant flavors of pepper and spice, very pleasant.  I don't tend to search out cigars with that combination, however I really thought the flavoring was nice and mellow, while maintaining some good strength.  The 2nd third mellowed out a little bit relative to the 1st, but the flavor was still quite nice.

Approaching the final third, the cigar required a few relights and touch-ups.  Some of the initial strength returned for a final showing.  Good smoke (not for beginners). 


Keeping my eye out for these.  Interested to know how they're smokin'...

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Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve - Corojo (toro)

Here, we've got a Rocky Patel OWR that I acquired last September on the Smoke on the Water cigar cruise in Chicago.  It's been kept perfectly since then, and yesterday having been a "perfect weather" day, seemed like a good time to light 'er up.  I haven't really seen many of these around in the B&Ms, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  The box-pressed cigar was well constructed, and it had a decent weight in-hand.  Predominant flavors of chocolate and aged tobacco, and overall it was smooth and medium to full bodied.  Another cigar with consistency rather than complex twists and turns.  I enjoyed it with some beer, both while kicking back and throwing the frisbee disc around the yard. 

I don't think I'll be scouring the shops in search of this cigar, but I did enjoy it.  Should one fall onto my lap again at some point, I'd probably keep it around for another lazy day around the house. 

*Speaking of RP cigars, I had the Edge Sumatra again on Saturday, and it was very good.  Seems to find a nice middle ground (strength-wise) between the Edge and the Edge Lite, with some flavors of its own.  Definitely a must try. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

HC Connecticut Shade (robusto)

I haven't been smoking many mild sticks lately, but it is Father's Day morning, and this cigar is going great with my coffee.  Smooth and velvety smoke, great draw.  The construction in these is quite nice. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Padron 1926 #9 Natural

I was eager to try the 1926 after having enjoyed the 1964 Anniversary several months ago.  Between the two, I found the 1926 to be the better.  After tax, it cost just shy of $22, so not most people's everyday smoke.  The draw was good, as was the construction.  Flavors predominantly of aged tobacco, very smooth and tasty.  The final third showed me some real nicotine punch.  I was enjoying this with my father-in-law the day before Father's Day, so I chose to enjoy the cigar and not bother with the note-taking, hence the lack of details here.  Judging by all the reviews that can be found on the web, one can't go wrong with this cigar.  I certainly enjoyed it, and I would expect that anyone looking for a quality, full-bodied smoke would find this to be quite satisfying.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

San Cristobal Papagayo (gordo) by Ashton

Big stick.  Beautiful chocolate wrapper.  Tight, white ash.  Very pleasant smoke, first inch is flavorful yet medium in body and strength.

Approaching the 2nd third.  Very smooth and great flavor.  Mocha and some caramel. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tenuta's House Blend (churchill)

Thanks to Greg for gifting this one to me last fall.  It's been hiding in the humidor since then.  Not sure about the true origins of this line of sticks, but it is apparently a premium priced cigar that a local cigar store sells under its own name.  The cigar came to me a little roughed up and dried out, however 9 months or so in good conditions repaired it even better than I could have expected.  The cigar was mild with a nice taste, and it remained consistent all the way to the nub.  Mild tobacco taste without much complexity, but certainly enjoyable.  Definitely a cigar for people who enjoy an occasional cigar, aren't looking to be overwhelmed with power, and aren't looking for something to challenge their palate.  Perfect for an afternoon break on a Friday afternoon. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita (4.5 X 52)

Tobacco flavors.  Medium-bodied.  Salt and pepper ash.  Nice construction and nice weight in the hand.  Good draw with nice resistance.  Beautiful wrapper.
Decent, but unexciting.  Certainly didn't find any flavor complexities here. 

Padilla Signature 1932 (robusto)

Delicious on the light. Copious amounts of smoke.  Cinnamon ceder, pecans.  Charcoal-colored ash.

Enjoyable cigar.  I've got a few more that I want to let sit for a little while longer to see if they improve with age.
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