Saturday, June 18, 2011

Padron 1926 #9 Natural

I was eager to try the 1926 after having enjoyed the 1964 Anniversary several months ago.  Between the two, I found the 1926 to be the better.  After tax, it cost just shy of $22, so not most people's everyday smoke.  The draw was good, as was the construction.  Flavors predominantly of aged tobacco, very smooth and tasty.  The final third showed me some real nicotine punch.  I was enjoying this with my father-in-law the day before Father's Day, so I chose to enjoy the cigar and not bother with the note-taking, hence the lack of details here.  Judging by all the reviews that can be found on the web, one can't go wrong with this cigar.  I certainly enjoyed it, and I would expect that anyone looking for a quality, full-bodied smoke would find this to be quite satisfying.

1 comment:

  1. I like Padrons for the simple reason that they taste good. The flavors found in this cigar included leather, wood and a slight hint of fresh herbs.


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