Friday, June 10, 2011

Tenuta's House Blend (churchill)

Thanks to Greg for gifting this one to me last fall.  It's been hiding in the humidor since then.  Not sure about the true origins of this line of sticks, but it is apparently a premium priced cigar that a local cigar store sells under its own name.  The cigar came to me a little roughed up and dried out, however 9 months or so in good conditions repaired it even better than I could have expected.  The cigar was mild with a nice taste, and it remained consistent all the way to the nub.  Mild tobacco taste without much complexity, but certainly enjoyable.  Definitely a cigar for people who enjoy an occasional cigar, aren't looking to be overwhelmed with power, and aren't looking for something to challenge their palate.  Perfect for an afternoon break on a Friday afternoon. 

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