Sunday, January 30, 2011

Giralda (Toro) 6x52

Tony at Churchill's n Down recommended this one.  Chocolate pre-light draw.  Even burn, good flavor in the first 3rd.  Lots of smoke.  Medium in body.
As I start the. Second 3rd, the draw is loose, and I am tasting some carbon. The cigar has gone out now, requiring a re-light. After the re-light, I've had to do one touch-up. This stick now seems to have periods with loose draws. Not bad, but the first 3rd was better, which is unusual to me. A quarter turn seems to help firm up the draw.
This cigar initially seemed quite promising. Admittedly, I only had one stick, but I'm not running out to suffer through another one. From second 3rd on, I fought with keeping it lit, keeping the burn even, and some nasty flavors which may have resulted from the burn issues. The middle of the cigar certainly got soft, and I do not believe that I was smoking this one too fast.

Update:  Turns out that this brand is blended by Jaime Garcia, and hand made in Nicaragua at the My Father Cigar Factory.  Currently, Forcade, Giralda Natural and Giralda Maduro are the lines available.  

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