Sunday, February 20, 2011

Graycliff Double Espresso (Robusto)

This cigar didn't live up to its hype.  This is the 3rd Graycliff that I've tried. The blue label started off funky, but overall was good. The white/gold label (reviewed below) was also good. Neither were worth the hefty price tag in my opinion. The Double Espresso however, was a stick that I was looking forward to. Sure, some reviews I've seen were good, and others weren't very favorable. Either way, I seasoned this one in my humi for 3 months. Right off the bat it required some touch-ups, and later on it required a few re-lights. I didn't notice much complexity with this blend, but I was searching for the deep, rich coffee or mocha flavor, which I found but was not overly impressed with. To me, it was more of a burnt coffee bean taste. The 2nd third had the best burn and flavor, but I simply couldn't tell someone to go out and buy this one, even if it were priced down to $6 or $7. This cigar is rare, and I find no reason to seek it out. Also worth mentioning is an oddity that I noticed - just above the burn line, the wrapper seemed to melt or shrivel up. Graycliff is one of the most expensive brands out there. I wonder if they expect their prices to drive demand, rather than the actual quality and taste of their smokes.

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