Friday, July 3, 2015

Fuente Fuente Opus X Angel's Share

I was lucky enough to be in my B&M on the right day and at the right time to have an opportunity to pick up an Angel's Share.  They tend to sell out fast.  The Angel's Share is a Dominican puro like others in the Opus X series, however the primings are different and lead to a lighter, milder smoke.  I used a straight cut and a single flame torch, and I've chosen to pair this stick with a cup of black Colombian coffee.  There is a nice aroma pre-light, and once cut, an easy draw.

1/3: The dominant flavor from the get-go is cedar.  The smoke is light and crisp, yet smooth and enjoyable.

2/3: This cigar is really quite good!  It's certainly consistent so far.  The wrapper cracked beneath the 2nd, smaller label.  I've also got myself a jagged burn line, but corrected it with the flame.

3/3: The wrapper has cracked under the 1st, larger label now too.  It's started to unravel a bit here, but still maintains a good smoke and equally pleasant taste.

Size: 5-5/8 x 46
Wrapper: Dominican
Binder: Dominican
Filler:  Dominican

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