Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Generosity at its finest!

So, I was on BOTL complaining a bit about my brand new Don Salvatore humidor having issues....many issues, the most important of which involved mold during the seasoning process: Twice.  I had given up on it, and indicated such in the thread, when a complete stranger (yet a "brother" of the leaf) said he was sending me a 150 ct. humidor.  Wow, I thought..  how nice that someone read about my miseries, and wants to donate an old humidor that he is no longer using.

A week later, the following arrived at my office:
  • The humidor itself - a beautiful limited edition CAO painted box which has both top and front-opening doors
  • a hard cover book about cigars
  • 5 Tatuaje cigars (Outlaw 2010, 7th Reserve, Havana VI Nobles, Havana VI Angeles, Miami Noellas)
  • Tatuaje patch, button, die cut sticker, and cigar cutter
  • Fuente lighter
  • Ring size chart
  • Shipping on this package was nearly fifty bucks
Needless to say, I am in awe.  Until he asked for my address, he never even knew my name.  It is people like this, that make me realize that there are still truly generous people out there.  Thank you, Justin!

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