Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tatuaje 7th Natural (46x5.625)

Paired with Boulevard's Bully! Porter.

Visible seams and 1 protruding vein on inspection.  The pre-light revealed an easy draw.  This cigar produced thick clouds of creamy smoke, with a pleasant coffee bean flavor.  I found it to be more on the mild-medium side with some complexity.  I also picked up notes of milk chocolate and almond. 

As I moved from the 2nd third to the final third, the strength increased, and pepper and black coffee appeared. 

With a nub left, the cigar went out.  I was enjoying it so much, that I had to relight it.  Also picked up some garlic powder, which is the only way I know to describe that particular flavor characteristic. 

3.75/5.00 stars

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