Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro (robusto)

Ah, the elusive Melanio Maduro...  The cigar that took me (what seemed like) forever to find.  I really enjoy the original Melanio.  While I often reach for something complex, I've found that if I'm going to grab a smoke that is consistent all the way through, I prefer that it be something really tasty!  The original Melanio is just that.  The Maduro version hasn't gotten as much fanfare as its older brother, but it's got to be good, right?  Oliva seems to know what they're doing.  I like a lot of what they have been putting out over the last several years.

Anyways, a friend of mine spotted this cigar in Texas for $9.75, and brought it back for me.  It's been in my humidor for about 6 months.

The caps are cut slightly jagged, with one of them being quite large.  There are visible seams and a toothy wrapper.  The shape is an oval box-press.  I opted for a straight cut, and my regular toasting ritual.

1/3: Lots of smoke is billowing from this stick, and it is thick and creamy.  The cigar has a nice, smooth draw, and a woody taste.  The ash is very white, which indicates a high magnesium content in the soil where the filler leaves were grown.  The "eyeliner" is wide, and at 1 inch in, the burn line is looking pretty straight.

2/3: The Melanio Maduro is a medium-full bodied smoke for me, leaning more towards the full side.  My attempt at a retrohale was surprisingly smooth. I'm reminded yet again that the Oliva Series (G, O, & V) are just well-made, very good cigars.

3/3: In the final third, the cigar is burning a little bit hot, but that might be more me than the cigar itself.  I picked up a hint of butterscotch in the last stretch.

All in all, I was not disappointed.

Size: 5 x 52
Wrapper: San Andres
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

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