Sunday, October 23, 2011

Namakubi Tiburon by Room 101 LTD

Matt Booth and Camacho have again teamed up to create this limited line under the Room 101 brand.  Namakubi, which translates to "freshly severed head" in Japanese is the Samurai theme here.  Definitely a different type of marketing at work.

This particular stick sat in my humidor for over a month.  Pre-light gave hardly any scent at all.  I gave it my typical clip and toast, and fully expected to enjoy this baby.

1/3: For me, I best describe the initial flavor as musty (but in a good way).  The burn line was jagged.  Predominant flavors of pepper, and very dry.  I'm a bit underwhelmed here.  I figure that this cigar might go better with some spirits, however with a planned wine tasting after this, I'm going to keep this review free of alcohol.  Instead, I don't think I can go further without some water.

2/3: Water is helping me stay in the game here, but I'm just not enjoying this smoke.  It is dry, and I'm not finding much in the realm of flavor.

3/3: Same thing.  Didn't even bother finishing it though, as I've run out of time.  Doesn't matter to me, really, as this cigar hasn't shown signs of greatness since the first 60 seconds.

I recognize that in nearly every batch of good cigars, you can find one that isn't so great.  I'm not rushing out to try another one of these though, since at $8.00 a stick, there are just too many other greats out there to buy.  If someone was to drop one in my lap, I'd smoke it (and review it) again.

Final ruling: No box purchases in my future.

Size: 6 x 44
Wrapper: Habano
Binder: Honduras "Generoso"
Filler: Dominican & Honduran "Vuelta Abajo"

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