Monday, July 2, 2012

CAO America Potomac (Happy Independence Day!)

While CAO has some loyal followers out there, I've not been one of them.  Some sticks, I've enjoyed though, including the LX2 and the mild CAO Gold.  I'd had one or two of the America sticks before, but they weren't anything special, and what stands out most to me is the dual wrappers unraveling.  This particular cigar, the Potomac, was gifted to me about a year and a half ago, so timing is good to give it a shot.  If I'd waited to enjoy it at the local fireworks display, I wouldn't be taking notes, so now's as good a time as any.

The design of this cigar is cool.  It's very patriotic looking, with the eagle emblem on the foot band, and the stars and stripes up top.  The double wrapper (Connecticut shade and Broadleaf) are rolled to form a "pinstripe."  Some call it a "barber pole" style, but I did read that because the lighter shade shows considerably less, that it's technically not a "barber pole."  The Broadleaf is oily and a little toothy. The cigar gets to be honored with the "America" name because the wrappers and some of the filler are US grown. 

To avoid any unraveling issues, I've chosen to use a small bullet-style punch instead of the straight or v-clip.  As usual, I toast the foot, and now we're smokin'.

1/3: Notes of quality tobacco and cedar.  The draw is near perfect, and the profile is medium-full.

2/3: This cigar is nothing if not consistent.  No real change to the flavor at this point.

3/3: Same again.  For someone who enjoys a consistent taste from start to finish, this is a stick that accomplishes that.  Personally, I tend to enjoy the twists and turns of a cigar that shifts flavor, however there are times when a simple flavor profile can be a very good thing. 

Size:  5 x 56
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade & Broadleaf
Binder: Brazilian
Filler: Ligero from Nicaragua, Italy, U.S.A., Dominican Republic

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