Monday, July 30, 2012

Liga Privada Unico Feral Flying Pig

I was surprised to see this Pig staring at me in the humidor at Blue Havana (Chicago).  Even with the new Illinois tobacco tax (in July it doubled from 18% to 36%), I had to have a taste.  I shouldn't even need to say that I drank the Liga Privada kool-aid awhile ago.  I've liked everything I've tried under the Liga Privada labels, although I'm not a fan of the flavor-infused Acid stuff.  With tax, this stick came out to nearly $24.  Again, I'm only in the city to spend time with friends, so my review will be less robust than when I've got time to myself to truly experience the cigar. 

I gave the Pig a straight clip, used a single-flame torch, and it this perfecto lit right up. 

1/3: Strong start.  After a half inch, the strength quickly settles to medium .  Behind the burn line, I've found a soft spot at least the size of the cigar band.  It does create draw issues at first, however as I turn the cigar and squeeze with my teeth, it eventually corrects.  Another concern reminds me of the first Liga Privada I ever tried, the No. 9:  the ash splits down the center, so that it looks like a tuning fork.  I've never had this happen with any other cigar besides the No. 9, and no No. 9's have performed for me like that since..

 2/3: Cedar flavor is what I've been getting, and it continues here in the 2nd third.  The "forked" ash recovers, and the draw remains acceptable.

3/3:  More cedar for me.  I've seen other reviews where the smokers found hints of berries, coffee, etc., however I did not.  I do have one more stick in the humidor, which I plan to leave for a year.  I'm making the assumption that the combination of a fresh stick and a distracting environment just didn't allow for me to taste these goodies.

Nonetheless, the cigar was another good one from Drew Estate's LP line.  We'll see how it goes after a year of chill-time, but the No.9 and the T-52 are still my favorites for now. 

Size: 5-3/8 x 60
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina
Filler: Nicaragua

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