Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cain Daytona (robusto)

Heavy pepper on the light, leads to a flavorful, but smooth draw.  Visible veins, yet not protruding.  Woody and cedary notes with the retrohale.

When I'm using my mobile to upload, I tend to keep things short.  This Daytona stayed pretty much the same throughout, with the exception of the spicy start.  I enjoy the ligero.  The wrapper was lighter in shade in comparison to the other Cains.  While it was a good smoke, I enjoy the Cain Habano better, and probably find more complexity and flavor in the Cain F. 

I found myself without a proper lighter or cutter.  Wooden matches made it easy, however the box cutter I used to clip the cap didn't do such a good job.  Sometimes it's the little things that can ruin an otherwise pleasurable smoke. 

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