Tuesday, July 5, 2011

EP Carrillo Short Run 2011 Canonazos (5-7/8 by 52)

Here I've got the 2011 Short Run by EP Carrillo in the Canonazos size.  Nice looking cigar with a triple cap and some minor veins.  I had an unusual combination of food beforehand, so hopefully my palate didn't play any tricks on me.  Nice cold draw, and good burn after fully toasting the foot.  Some spice on the light led to a smooth, kind of almondy-leathery flavor profile. 

Personally, I found the strength to be medium up until the final third where it kicked things up a notch to near full strength.  Burn line was pretty decent throughout; not perfect, but by all means not bad.  It never got hot, and fortunately I didn't pick up any of that carbon taste that I'm not such a fan of. 

I definitely notice a different flavoring than in the EP Carrillo core line.  This was a pleasant smoke. 

Thanks to Fenton for picking this one up!

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