Saturday, March 12, 2011

Acid Kuba Kuba

My local cigar buddy, Amos, gifted me an Acid today.  Here goes nothing!

Wow - I haven't touched an Acid cigar in years, and even then, I'd only tried one.  I wasn't expecting the huge scent and taste that this stick was packing.  The pre-light sniff reveals a very perfumey smell, and when the wrapper touches the lips, the sweet floral flavors linger for a very long time.  

The cigar itself was well-crafted.  It was slightly loose on the draw, but not too much.  Burn line and ash were top notch.  Strength remained mild-medium from start to finish.

I enjoyed smoking the Kuba Kuba just because it was a change of pace, however it won't find a regular place in my rotation.  Made by Drew Estate, you know it's going to be of good quality.  I just prefer non-flavor infused cigars.  

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