Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gurkha Black Dragon (robusto) 4.25 x 52

Gifted from my cigar buddy, Amos - thanks!  This monster has a Connecticut Maduro wrapper, a Cameroon binder, and Dominican filler.  As expected, it was a strong, peppery start.  As it progressed about 3/4" in, the pepper lingered, but the initial "punch" was dulled.  While some have stated that it is mild-medium bodied, I found that it started out full, and tapered off to a medium-full body.  It can be tricky when describing these things as I recently read a great thread about the very important difference between mild/medium/full-BODIED versus mild/medium/full-STRENGTH. That said, it was stronger up front, and became less strong as it progressed, yet still by no means weak. 

The construction was pretty good.  The stick felt firmly packed.  The wrapper had a bit of oiliness to it with some minor veins showing.  Burn line was acceptable.  I'd describe the pre-light draw as slightly loose, but not too loose.  It remained the same after toasting the foot. Taste for me was a little difficult to describe.  I believe I picked up notes of earth, musk, and spice.  At one point, both Amos and I identified an almost oily taste, if that makes sense. 

This won't be a cigar that I will seek out, but for someone who enjoys a strong smoke without the butt-kicking, knock you on the floor power, this one will suffice. 

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