Thursday, August 4, 2011

La Flor Domincana Air Bender Chisel

So, I've not had much experience with anything from the LFD brand.  Jason at C&M suggested this one for my first real look at what Litto Gomez has to offer.

At first glance, this stick has quite an unusual shape.  It has a flattened figurado appearance, and smoking it sort of felt like smoking a big Tiparillo - but that's about the only thing it had in common. 

The cigar smelled pretty good.  It wasn't real strong, but I could tell that it had some strength and some sweetness.  I clipped the tip, and toasted the foot before I began with my Xikar Inpress torch.  Right off the bat I could sense the power that this cigar had to offer.  Quite bold.  The draw was on the loose side, but created no problems with the burn.  Construction seems to be top notch.

As I approach the 2nd third, things seem to mellow out a little bit.  I'm picking up some sweet berry notes, which are quite pleasant.  This cigar really takes you through some twists and turns as far as flavors go.  I'm digging it.  Midway through, I'm getting copious amounts of creamy smoke.  Flavors continue to switch up, and all in a good way.

Hitting the final third, there's still some sweetness, along with notes of caramel and wood.  I'm given a nice buzz here as well.  Burn line has been pretty darn good.  At one point, while I stopped to jot down some notes, the cigar went out with about 3 inches to go.  With the torch, it quickly lit back up with no issues and no bitterness.  Notes of cedar showed up in the nub.

I really enjoyed this cigar.  The unusual shape and length are not what I usually grab, however I would definitely smoke this Air Bender again.  The flavor complexity and variety is really quite intriguing.  If you like when a cigar takes you on a "flavor journey," this stick is for you.

Before posting my review, I decided to see what other people were saying about the AB.  Turns out that in 2010, Cigar Aficionado placed it in the top 25, with a No. 10 ranking.


Size: 6-1/2 x 54
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic

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