Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Liga Privada T52 (toro)

I was excited to review the T52.  As posted earlier, I was given the T52 Flying Pig by the owner of Cigars & More in Libertyville, and as of this date it is still aging in one of my humidors.  I guess I'm just waiting for the perfect time to smoke it.  In the meantime, I had the good fortune to come across a few boxes of the T52's, and I snagged a toro size, and let it sit for a month.

This cigar looks amazing.  It is dark, oily, and firm.  Right when the No. 9 came out, I picked one up in Atlanta at the Highland Cigar Co., and while it was good, it just wasn't that memorable.  What I do remember is that the ash split down the center, and it looked like a big, two-pronged fork.  Anyways, back to the T52.  This blend has apparently been around since the 1800s (or so I read).  I decided to pair this up with a nice summer brew, ZON, by Kansas City's own Boulevard Brewing Company.

I clipped and toasted, and immediately recognized a thick, creamy smoke.  I could tell right away that this was ultra premium quality.  My review won't be as detailed as I'd like it to be, because as luck would have it, a friend came outside with his laptop, needing some assistance, and so any comments I have to make are based on memory alone (which isn't as sharp as I'd like it to be).

The thick and creamy smoke lasted the length of the cigar.  The taste was really enticing, and while descriptions weren't exactly flowing for me as to the particular tasting notes, I'd have to say that predominant flavors were that of premium tobacco, espresso, leather, and wood.  Now, the tobacco plants are harvested differently for the T52.  They are "stalk cut," which, according to the same friend I was helping out, are much trickier to harvest.  He used to farm tobacco in Kentucky years ago, so I believe him.  Apparently, the entire plant is stabbed with spiked sticks, 6 to a stick, and are hung intact.  What this process does is keep the leaves from drying out and losing their oils and nutrients.  Instead, with the whole plant hanging as it cures, the leaves continue to draw from the rest of the plant, allowing the leaves to maintain their oiliness and richness.  Trust me, you can taste it, and it is robust and awesome.

The T52 maintained an excellent balance and consistency throughout.  While the pre-light draw was a bit loose, once lit the draw was perfect.  While a little pricy, and not always readily available, this stick is worth its weight in gold in my opinion.  I can't wait to sit down with that pig...now more than ever!

Size: 6 x 52
Wrapper: U.S.-grown stalk cut Habano-seed oscuro
Binder: Brazil
Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras

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